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20 Years with Spanish Mustangs


Our name change is to emphasise our commitment to the European Union despite the British misadventure of leaving. It is our hope and belief that we will rejoin in the near future. Possibly as independent nations, for example, Scotland,

As a member of the European Union, Britain played a significant role in progressive legislation regarding animal welfare, most of all the transport of livestock. Now we are outside that sphere of having any influence which is deeply regrettable.

Spanish Mustangs are of Spanish descent and in this context symbolise us too, as Europeans, first and foremost.

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Artwork, Text and Website design by Sarah @ Farman-Arts (2021)

Additional photography by Joshua Blakeney, John Hockensmith, Lynn Howlett, Hardy Oelke, Ebony Ryan, Carolyn Seager

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Spanish Mustangs Europe (formerly AHHC Spanish Mustangs)

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